Refund Policy

Due to the bespoke nature of Tiggy Potts products refunds are not available on most products.

What products do you offer refunds on?

Refunds will be available on products if the item is faulty. All bespoke or customised products will not be valid for a refund. If you are unsure if your item is covered under our refund policy then please get in touch prior to purchase.

How soon do I need to declare a refund request after receiving my product?

All refund requests must be sent via email to tiggy[at] for consideration within 14 days of receiving your product. If Tiggy Potts cannot accurately determine the date that you received your product then the request period will be set as 21 days from dispatch.

Will Tiggy Potts cover the cost of postage for a refund?

No. If an item needs to be returned you will have to pay for the postage yourself. Once the items have been received your refund will be processed.

Why do you not offer refunds on all of your products?

We do not offer refunds on blankets, Tiggy Bears, artwork or any other ‘bespoke’ products. Much like a company offering a personalised engraving service, these items are bespoke and specific to each buyer. Therefore the item may be deemed unsuitable for re-sale to another buyer.

Do you have an exchange policy?

We do not offer an exchange service on any products.