Once upon a time . . .

Just once I wish I could start a story like that. I am Tiggy Potts, this website is my creative home where you can get an insight into the products that I make and hopefully you will find something you want to buy!

Based in England’s north west, near Saddleworth, the Tiggy Potts arts & craft store has a little bit of everything. If you are looking for something that everyone else has, this is not the place to be. All my products are produced in a limited amount or are made to order especially for you meaning you will receive a unique one of a kind product every time.

From humble beginnings crocheting blankets and making teddy bears (or Tiggy Bears as I like to call them), the store has now expanded into a full arts & craft shop. We now sell craft accessories, tools, artwork & much more. So, have a mooch around my site and find something that you like, we know it won’t be hard! ?

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