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Welcome to the creative home of Tiggy Potts Arts & Crafts. Here you will find all manner of goodies including crochet hooks, stitch markers, yarn savers, embroidery scissors and all other kinds of crafty goodness. Everything is hand-made or sourced by me, Tiggy Potts, at my home in England’s north west near Saddleworth. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look around, get in touch or visit my Instagram page to see what I am up to right now!

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Choose from our selection of useful and beautiful craft tools such as Crochet Hooks, Scissors, Stitch Markers & Yarn Savers.

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If its small, useful and cute we have it! Shop our selections of Zips, Pins, Buttons, Measuring Tapes and Embroidery Thread.


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Take it all in at once. We have all manners of goodies plus some extra bits to treat yourself like phone charms and earrings.

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